big brother housemates

ImageAlexImageWEZA BABYImageSEYDOU ImageImageImageImage DAVIDOImagethe have had the craziest to the most stupied housmates


keagan and talia no more.!

“Ok so clearly it’s not easy being a BBA winner,
I took a nap last night and clearly did not wake
up again even through my alarm, Im sorry, so I
basically just wanted to clear the air with a few
things because I’ve got hundreds of messages with the same questions, first of all I don’t have
a blackberry so no pins.
Secondly the whole Talia situation we are
remaining friends, she has chosen to be with
Sey which i don’t have a problem with, and she
did not post the status the other day about Sey being her booboo as it was a fake account.
And to some people I’ve done over 50
interviews in the past week all across Africa,
so keagan has confirmd that .talia has chosen to be with seydou. This is what he had to say.

talia keagan cant work out! Sorry people. But we knew

keagan we all that you and talia cant work, we know it hurts that she choose seydou. This is what keagan had to say! breaking the Talia silence…sorry to
dissapoint but we’ve been speaking
about our situation and yes we do have
feelings for each other but to be realistic
about the whole situation with
everything happening around us, and our circumstances at this time, especially
with this life changing experience we
are gonna leave our relationship for the
time being but remain close friends and
help each other through this exciting
but tough time! dont get us wrong this has got nothing to do with the whole
seydou situation lol! anyways i hope
you all understand!!! yeeeeeera!!! Well atleast you banged her hehehe