In life we all come to a point where we can not forgive any more.

there times when people we love get to hurt us so much. and when the Bible says that we have to forgive.

how can a person forgive someone, who keeps doing the same thing. !

Yes forgiving matters, but when someone hurts you and it affects your life (emotionally, Physically and Mentally) you just need to put your foot down and move on. and forget that person. That is the best forgiveness ever.


there is life after forgetting what the person has done to you.

Talia says that she made a public appology to seydou because ,because she owes him

Everything at Lusaka’s Club LIV was on
Saturday night professionally thought-out, set
and excellently executed, apt for a VIP eviction
carnival celebrating new continental luminaries
Talia, Tamara and Mampi from the Big Brother Stargame. Celebrities’ red carpet grand entry… cheers…
dinner… burning of decks by highly acclaimed
Zambian DJs LBC and K-Smash…performances by
multi award winning artistes JK, Ma Afrika, CQ,
Petersen and Mampi could all be described as
grabbing. Multichoice public relations manager Marlon
Kananda was pleased and said: “This has been
one of the most well executed Big Brother
eviction parties for our three girls. Club LIV as
the venue and the attendance was just
excellent; what more can one ask for?” Brilliant and real it was, yes, but as highly
anticipated, the spotlight was on the beautiful
Season Seven finalist Talia who without doubt
has generated a lot of talking points ever since
she got trapped in a tricky love triangle web.
She was the star of the night! As the three girls were called one at a time to
take to the stage, it was apparent that majority
of the audience was itching for Talia’s turn to
take to the lit stage. Funny enough though, Talia never anticipated
the love she received at LIV VIP Night Club
going by what has been going on the social
media. “Come what may” in a negative way, Talia
would have been thinking. But the sweet
positive of her expectation turned out to be the
case as fans swarmed around her with others
trying their luck to take shots with her. This somewhat delayed her movement to the
stage. The same if not worse being the case
when she stepped off the stage. She is
overwhelmed with the love and says: “I did not expect so much love and support
from my fans; I am really grateful and happy for
all the love and support”. One issue that had rocked the social media
sparking talking points of diverse opinions was
Talia’s public apology to Angola’s Seydou for disappointing him. Did she really have to do that? As many
perceive it unwise apologising publicly, Talia
does not think so as she says: “I know people
are judging me for the mistake I made on the
screen but
I feel, it’s morally right to again go public and apologise to the man whom I made a covenant
with and broke. We had something going with
Seydou but I broke it and I know how it feels.
That’s why I said sorry to him not that he
should take me back as wrongly insinuated by
many but just for my own moral conscience.” talia but you want him,we have seen all.




I twitted this today, ‘love! Hate! You follow me anyway, must count for something. not in the mood for pessimism today. Much love to all ya’ll that’s been there and the haters too.’ Lol, I guess its high time I stood up for myself. I have paid my dues and as in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” Twitter handle-talia4real. Kisses







And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
and Sooner or later its over
I just don’t wanna miss u tonight……….
And I don’t want the world to see me
coz I don’t think that they’d understand
When everythings made to be broken
I just want you to know who iam



Talia dealing with a lot of things, first she falls inlove with seydou, then sleeps with keagan, after that she says she has chosen keagan, then on her facebook page she keeps begging for seydou to forgive her and bring her back into his life.

This really shows how undecided you are.

For the people’s sake (those that are your role models) please sit down and reflect on your life.  stop being like a child.

You messed up big and for seydou or any other guy to take you back, it would take a miracle. So please Talia try to just reflect and ask yourself what you want.


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