this one goes to the Big Brother Africa Crew, stop being unfair, and making fake votes, how can one play a Game that is Unfair????? this is not A Games of Cards where you can Dribble your way. If people are given the power to vote, respect their wishes. and stop stealing votes.



it seems that BIG BROTHER AFRICA main sponsors are Nigerians, so they make sure they keep their Housemates in the house.

When Big Brother Africa Just started it was Fair, people would even know who can win, because they are the ones voting.

but ever since Nigerians took over it is all about them.

I.K is Nigerian, The movies they watch in Big Brother House are Nigerian Movies, The most played songs are Nigerians.

and if it was fair, then Nigerians would vote has one country, but it is all about Nigeria,being over populated. and they keep threatening other countries about voting. Nigeria is one country. so no matter how much they vote, there vote is just one!!!!

How can people like Pokelo, Bassey, Sulu live the House. this show is pathetic.

If Sulu was Nigerian he would have won. Because we all saw what Happend to Karen, how is Sulu any different from Karen.

this show has to End or they need to tell all the countries that participate to contribute some amount of money. so that we watch a fair game.