We clearly remember years ago,
Goldie gave an in-depth
interview to a Nigerian
newspaper. In the interview, the
star talked about several
intimate subjects – her
mother’s death when she was a
young child, living and studying
for her degree in the UK, her
entrepreneurial pursuits (at the
time, she had a successful
business unrelated to music –
from what we remember, it was
related to making cards) and
also her marriage.
After that, we never saw any
other mention of her marriage in
future interviews. We simply
assumed that she decided to
keep it private or the marriage
was dissolved.
It has been over 24 hours since
her untimely death and now,
Goldie’s husband – Andrew
Harvey has emerged with
photographs of the couple
together. From their wedding
photographs to more recent
photographs of them together.
Andrew also appealed to Prezzo
to “leave our family to grieve in
peace” via his Facebook page.
More of this http://www.bigbrotherafrica.com

Goldie was married! Wow


According to bba
News.Nigerian popular singer and
former Big Brother Africa
Housemate Goldie Harvey is dead.
Goldie, born Susan Filani, died on
Thursday night at Reddington
Hospital, in Victoria Island, Lagos.
According to Daily Times
newspaper, the singer died
shortly after arriving in Nigeria
from the US where she attended
the Grammy Awards.
Her record label, Kennies Music,
released an official statement
through her Twitter and
Facebook accounts announcing
her death.
“It is with heavy heart that I
have to inform you all that Goldie
passed this night shortly after
arriving Lagos from LA. May her
soul rest in the eternal peace of
the Lord”, the message read.
Goldie was a housemate on Big
Brother Africa in 2012 where she
met Kenyan musician Prezzo
with whom she had an on-again
off-again relationship.
No clear report of the
postmortem has been released
yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Goldie has passed away.

what causes racism…( white people in shot)

Racism is one of the most revolting
things within the vicinity of humanity. It
haunts our past, many times degrading
the future. The causes of racism aren’t
known to the majority of humans living
on earth, however, a good fraction of
them express it. In order to cure racism,
or at least minimize its affects on
humanity, we have to examine the root
causes. What are the possible causes of
racism? Why are some people racist?
Where does racism come from? Some of
these questions can be answered here:

One of the most common causes of
racism is stereotypes. Through
television, through radio, through the
internet, through music, through books,
and the like, the potential for stereo
types to build are a definite possibility.
When a person, especially one that is
very young, is exposed to stereotypes of
a specific group for the first time, then
that person will assume all are that way.
Likewise, when a source is constantly
displaying negative things about a
particular race, then that will affect the
overall opinions as well.
Another very common, and probably the
most common cause of racism is
unfamiliarity. People fear what they do
not know or understand. If someone
hasn’t grown up around a particular
race before, then there is more of a
chance the person can be racist toward
that particular group. Not all the time,
but when the person has already been
fed negative stereotypes, and does not
have the actual real life experiences
with at least one within the particular
group, then the chances of racism are
increased. This is why it is important for
children to be around other races at a
young age: to ensure they get their
minds used and adapted to being
around them, and also to help
counterbalance any false stereotypes
they may encounter in the future.
Selfishness is another obvious cause of
racism. Humans are sometimes very
selfish creatures caring only about their
own at the expense of others. If
individuals aren’t taught how to respect
others, then the potential for the
person to become racist is increased as
well. This is why you will find that most
caring individuals aren’t racist. Neither
are they sexist or anything else.
Environmental Factors
The lastly and probably the most
surprising cause of racism is
environmental causes. We are all made
different biologically and genetically.
Our physical environment can affect our
biology and therefore, in many cases,
affect our minds. This does not mean
freewill and choice are not options, but
that an individual’s potential for racism
could possibly be increased through
certain environmental factors unknown
to man. By default, racism is
nonexistent. However, things such as
improper health maintenance, excess
chemicals, head injuries, or other
factors may help contribute to it. This
should not be used as an excuse that
racism has to persist, but more of a
better chance to cure racism by
enhancing biological health and medical
technology, rather than thinking it ca
only be done by other means.
Those are the 4 main causes of racism.
As previously stated, racism is one of
the most revolting things that paralyzes
humanity. To cure racism permanently,we must first address the root
problems, which are: stereotypes,
unfamiliarity, selfishness, and
environmental aspects. When we cure
and address those things, we will cure
racism as wmm